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Remember when...

Remember when they used to talk about Microsoft having a monopoly over the desktop PC market in the mainstream news media? Well, according to this site atleast, nothing has changed since that 1998 court case (which was ultimately ignored upon the arrival of Dubya Bush). You don't need a website to tell you that nearly every new PC sold ships with a preinstallation of Windows XP, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player (you've probably bought one for yourself), so why aren't more of us questioning Microsoft's presence on our computer screens?

I've started a blog to document my experience with switching from Windows XP to SuSE Linux. SuSE is 100% free, as is most everything else to do with Linux. Plus, SuSE looks much nicer than Windows XP, is faster, infinitely more customizable and allows you to choose from a selection of something like 14,000 software packages, which programs you would like to install (I talk about how, where and why to get programs that aren't included with SuSE as well). I can't help but feel as though I'm evangelizing here, but think it over: What could possibly be in it for me? You don't even know my name, let alone need to pay for anything...

Just decided to share this with you!

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