a light in the gloom (lux_in_senio) wrote in dissentingminds,
a light in the gloom

give me back my damn glasses!

"A Pakistani-born US resident detained at Guantanamo Bay has said he was "mentally tortured" there, according to a transcript released by the Pentagon." - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6659585.stm

Whatever else you may think of the whole "detainees" thing, you have to acknowledge the wrongness here. Speaking as one who wears glasses ... what the fuck? Who says, "Yeah, let's give folks the wrong prescription for their glasses, that way they'll all have migraines and be really, outrageously cranky! It'll be funny, we'll laugh and laugh!" Seriously, what twisted nonsense is this? You can't do this shit to people in prison! What is wrong with our leaders that they think this is okay? Seriously, did they get dropped on their heads as babies, or something?

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