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The TV is talking about tension between people of different races, because of thier races skin colour..... LOL, I never feel tense around people that look different from me, I dont give a crap what you look like. And no, I dont think that its a foregone conclusion that if people of different races are togther, that there WILL be trouble. *silly TV*. I find the whole thing incomprehensible. 
Just like I find the attitude of some people "I cant go to this group or do that because I will be the only girl there". I never give a crap about that either. Often with LARPing I am either the only girl there (certainly actually participating in the action,  I have never seen any other girls join in, they do come along for parades and carnivals, or to do behind the scenes stuff, but not to "play".) or theres just one other who does behind the scenes stuff. Its never bothered me for all the rough and tumble. And I never feel a gender difference. We are just a load of happy mad people having a great day together. 
I never think "I am a girl, you are a bloke", it doesnt even enter my conciousness. we are all just there, having a great time. Just as I never think about someones religion or skin colour as different. 
Bloody segregated nonsense. I firmly believe that its actually mass media and commercialism that is fuelling these thoughts of difference. As the Capitalist overlords know: "divide and rule", and that fear (of "whatever" is "different") is the easiest way to "control" the masses. 

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