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Dissenting Minds

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A community for intelligent, logical discussion and debate of issues relating to dissent.

All members are welcome to post and participate, but following are some guidelines:

1) The objective of this community is to be a place for rational, logical discussion and debate on issues that may in themselves be quite inflammatory. It is important to remember to focus on the issue at hand, and not on the individual(s).

2) Please cite all of your sources appropriately. This will give credit where credit is due, as well as provide further credibility to any arguments you present.

3) We obviously believe in freedom of speech, however, that does not imply that flaming or ad hominem attacks will be tolerated. They will not. They are counterproductive to a fruitful discussion and tend to drive people away from a community.

4) These guidelines may be amended as the community evolves.

Some Helpful Websites

The Nizkor Project Guide to Logical Fallacies
The Fallacy Files
The Role of Questions in Thinking, Teaching, and Learning
Defining Critical Thinking
A Field Guide To Critical Thinking
Lynch's Guide to Grammar

A message from your hostess, kitschicat: As the maintainer of this community, I make no claim to having mastered the art of debate, dissent, discussion, or anything else, for that matter. I am here to learn along with everyone else, as well as pass along the things I've already learned. I hope that we can all benefit from our participation here. :)