Christine Ann (cre8tvegrl) wrote in dissentingminds,
Christine Ann

Lakotah Withdrawal

i've been meaning to make this announcement since late December, but i got caught up in travel plans for the holidays, work, and preparation for school. However, this is such important and exciting news that i had to make sure i came back here and let everybody know about it. In mid-December, the Lakotah People withdrew all of their treaties from the United States. This makes them an autonomous entity within our borders (awesome!), and rumor has it that the entire Sioux Nation is planning on doing the same...

Now, all of this hasn't made big headlines, and i imagine there is some sort of media blackout regarding the People's withdrawal. However, news of this is big amongst indy media sources. If, indeed, the lack of attention to the Lakotah's withdrawal is from some government plan to go in there and quash their independence, i (for one) plan to move to stand in solidarity with the Nation. Please inform your friends and please keep informed.

i've included a link straight to the Republic of Lakotah website. Click HERE.
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